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We proudly provide sweeping and parking lot maintenance for the city of Albuquerque and surrounding areas. We have been in the business of parking lot sweeping and maintenance for the past 20 years and are equipped to offer you a complete range of sweeping services.


What We Do

Schwarze Sweeper

Our newest regenerative air sweeper is highly equipped for removal of large debris from parking lots of all shapes and sizes. Schwarze parking lot sweepers are equipped with the best in public safety features to keep our operators and pedestrians safe. The noise-reduction technology is especially useful for parking lots near residential areas.

Tennant 800

We employ several different models of Tennant sweepers. Our Tennant 800 machine is our best brush sweeper, highly efficient at removing gravel, glass, and other small debris. As well as brushing debris into a sealed hopper, it filters 40 micron size particles in the air to provide a relatively dust-free sweep.

Tymco Sweeper

Our Tymco regenerative air sweepers were designed with the environment in mind. Not only do they “remove dirt, dust, and debri from the sweeping surface, they also clean the exhausted air to 99.999% of 0.5 micron size particles.” They are AQMD Rule 1186 certified machines and are equipped with Sound Reduction Engineering technology so as not to disturb residential neighborhoods.

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